Thursday, February 27, 2014

Day Twenty-Seven: Daily Blog Reads

 Blog Everyday in February

Here's a few of the blog I read and go to on a daily basis. I love finding new blogs to read, especially if they are college or teen girls.

Jamie's Journey Through Life
I found Jamie through a baby name community and than started reading her blog. I love her and love her blog. She's in college just like me and I love that.

Oh Hey, Nanny Jay
Jaylyn is another girl I found through the baby name community. She's a nanny and a little bit older than me but I love reading her blog and following her life.

Tattered to Taylored
I just recently found her blog but I feel in love with it. I love the way she writes and it's really interesting. I'm a huge fan of her DIYs too.

The World According to Emma
I love Emma! Her blog is so cute and she is also in college. I love all of the ideas she has and the unique post she makes.

The Days When I'm Not A Nurse
I love Anna and her blog! I am currently a nursing student so imagine my joy when I found her blog. She post a lot of nursing things and I love that.

I do read a few other blogs just not as much of these ones. Do we read any of the same blogs? Do I read your blog on a daily basis?


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Day Twenty-Six: A Favorite Recipe

 Blog Everyday in February

I'm not really a cooker and I don't bake all that much. Since I don't have an oven or stove at school it's a little hard to make anything. I do have a recipe I like that is pasta and chicken but the recipe is at home so I'm going to do something different.

not my picture!

I made a Funfetti cake dip that was so good!!!! It's really easy to make. You need:

1 box of Funfetti cake mix
2C fat-free yogurt
1C Cool Whip
Animal Crackers

In a large bowl, mix the cake mix, yogurt, and cool whip together. Add sparkles for garnish and use the animal crackers to dip. It's simple and fun!


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Day Twenty-Five: Dear 16-Year-Old-Self

 Blog Everyday in February

*I was in my sophomore year of high school when I turned 16*

This is where I would put a picture of myself at 16 but since I don't have any with me at college you get this instead. 

Dear Lauren,

I know this year has been the hardest year of your life. You are probably shocked that you made it out alive. I promise that everything will be 100 times better from here on out. You'll be so happy in the last two years of high school and college will be amazing. Enjoy it all while you can. Live up high school because it will be over before you know it.

Don't worry about college because everything will work out. You will get into a college and you will love it there. Don't worry about who you will live with or if you'll make friends. I know you are worried that you are relying on college to be amazing and life changes and that you are afraid it will not be. Stop worrying and live more.

Everything is going to be ok. I promise. Relax and love life.


Day Twenty-Four: Guest Post

 Blog Everyday in February

So I'm really sad that I won't be doing today's post. I had someone in mind I wanted to ask to guest post but time got the best of me and I wasn't able to ask her in time. Please I'm really new to this blogging things so I'm not exactly sure how to guest post to begin with.

I'll be back to the regular post tomorrow and after Wednesday I will be posting better posts.


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Day Twenty-Three: The Joys of Blogging

 Blog Everyday in February

I haven't been blogging for that long but I have found some of the joys to it. I honestly love blogging. It's so fun to do.

Blogging is a great way to document my life. Years from now I can look back at this blog and see how my life was. It's kind of like a diary.

Connecting with other people. I have met so many different people through blogging and it is really just a joy to get to talk to them. I love it.

It's a huge challenge. Honestly getting on here and blogging daily or even a few days a week is a challenge. It isn't something I can just sit down and write up real fast. I need to make plans and schedule time for blogging.

I really enjoy blogging and hope to continue on a regular schedule in the future.


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Day Twenty-Two: Fighting Anxiety and Stress

 Blog Everyday in February

I have experienced a lot of stress and anxiety in my life, especially in the last few months. Every time I have stress i deal with it differently. It really depends on why I am stressed and what else is going on in my life. Some of my techniques include

  • Taking a nap
  • Walking away from the situation
  • Crying
  • Getting something to eat
  • Venting to a friend
  • Busying myself
I usually don't deal with stress well. It keeps me up at night and brings me to tears. The littlest things use to stress me but now I deal with them differently. I don't let as many things bother me. 

I deal with anxiety differently. I take deep breathes, distract myself, arch tv or movies, and try not to think about what is bothering me. 

I'm sorry these have been short and not very good post. I am so busy and don't really have time but I want to do the challenge and post things. I promise that my post will get better after Wednesday because I won't be so busy and I won't have to study all the time for Anatomy. 


Friday, February 21, 2014

Day Twenty-One: The Meaning of HOME

 Blog Everyday in February

I have been so excited to do today's prompt! In my mind I have three homes. My first home is where I grew up and still live. My second home is my high school. My third home is where I go to college. I call them my home-home, second home, and one away from home.

To me home is where there are people you love. It's a place that you want to be and has your family there. A place where you feel comfortable. Your home doesn't have to be a house with bedrooms and a kitchen. It can be a place filled with classrooms or a place with a bunch of dorm rooms. Your family can live there or it can be your friends and teachers.

You can have more than one home too and they can have all different meanings to you.

Home is where you feel like you belong and you are happy. Home is home.


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Day Twenty: A Story Without Words

 Blog Everyday in February

I was a little confused about today's prompt and wasn't sure what I was going to do. I did a little thinking and came up with this idea.

I'm sorry this one is also late. I had to go to the ER with my roommate. She popped her knee out in dance class. I'll do a post on it a little later.


Day Nineteen: Little Know Facts About Me

 Blog Everyday in February

I've done a few posts on here with facts about myself. I want to try and put facts in this post that I haven't in the others. That's going to be hard because I'm not a very interesting person!

  1. I have scoliosis.
  2. I want a rose tattoo on the inside of my left ankle. I will get it!
  3. I've lived in the same house my whole life.
  4. I've had glasses/contacts since 8th grade.
  5. My middle name is Ashley.
  6. I've never had a room to myself.
  7. I use to tell people I was allergic to foods that I didn't want to eat.
  8. Spelling is my worst subject.
  9. I tried dance, gymnastics, and soccer but quit them all.
  10. I was afraid to flush the toilet when I was little. 
  11. My best friend's name is Lauren and we are a year apart.
  12. My Spanish name for 4 years of Spanish class was Lorena. 
  13. I wear my Tiffany necklace, class ring, and tiffany ring every day. 
  14. I prefer blue pens over black pens. 
  15. I like to put ones and pencils in my ponytail. 

Sorry this is so late. I had a lot of homework and studying to do. Enjoy some facts about me. 


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Day Eighteen: My Style

 Blog Everyday in February

I would have to say I really don't have a style. The style I do have is nothing special and it's not something someone would look to follow. I usually wear leggings, yoga pants, and jeans on occasion. My shirts are usually t-shirts, v-necks, and then the occasional nice shirt. When I wear a nice shirt I prefer tank top type shirts with cardigans/sweaters. As for shoes I wear riding boots, combat like boots, and moccasins. Nothing special.

I like to follow trends and wear things that everyone else is wearing. I honestly don't see myself as a fashionable person either. I tried to find pictures of how I dress to show you guys.


Monday, February 17, 2014

Day Seventeen: Five Favorites

 Blog Everyday in February

I figured I would do this prompt with five categories that have five of my favorite things in them. You get a little more insight into me. 

Five Favorite Candy

  1. Jelly Beans
  2. Salt Water Taffies
  3. Cookies and Cream Candy Bar
  4. Cinnamon Hearts
  5. York Peppermint Patties 
Five Favorite Movies
  1. Matilda
  2. National Lampoon's Christmas 
  3. Back to the Future
  4. Goonies
  5. Letters to Juliet 
Five Favorite Foods
  1. Mac and Cheese
  2. Pizza Bagel
  3. Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup
  4. Spagetti 
  5. Tater Tots
Five Favorite Animals
  1. Dog
  2. Hippo
  3. Pairie Dog
  4. Wambat 
  5. Turtle

Five Favorite Stores
  1. Target
  2. Victoria Secret
  3. American Eagle
  4. Forever 21
  5. AC Moore

What is all of your favorite things? Do we have any of the same favorite things?


Sunday, February 16, 2014


Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I finally made a bloglovin! Go ahead and follow me there! I' still trying to get the hang of it so bare with me.


First Sunday Social!

Happy Sunday all! I hope everyone had a nice, fun, relaxing weekend and is ready to get back to school and work tomorrow. I'm going to participate in my first Sunday Social! Here are the questions for this week.

1. What are your favorite things to do on a lazy day?
I love to lay in bed and watch movies, have a tv marathon, or write blog post. 

2. What is your TV guilty Pleasure?
Reality tv for sure (Teen Mom, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, etc.)

3. What is your favorite road trip music?
Mumford and Sons or whatever I am listening to at the moment

4. What are your favorite magazines or books to read by the pool or laying around?
Seventeen is probably my favorite

5. What is your favorite snack?
It usually changes depending on what I am in the mood for but right now I would have to say chips and salsa 

Have a swell rest of the day and I'll talk to you guys tomorrow!


Day Sixteen: A Hard Lesson Learned

 Blog Everyday in February

I've had my fair share of hard lessons, especially in the last few months. College really teaches you and test you. I was thinking about what hard lesson I wanted to talk about for this post and I decide I am going to talk about a lesson I am still dealing with today.

Everyone had had their heart broken at least once in their lives. If you haven't had your heart broken yet it will happen. Just because it happens to everyone doesn't mean you can't try to prevent it. I learned the very hard way what it is like to have your heart broken and that you can try to lighten the blow. 

Here's just a little background on how I got my heart broken. I meet C (we're going to call him that for privacy reasons) for the first time in August in my Sociology class. It wasn't for another couple of weeks that I actually became friends with him. He was in our friend group and we were nothing but friends. Than at the end of September I gained feelings for him and the following weekend we actually started something. It lasted about a month until he felt like it was turning into a relationship so we stop everything that was going on. After a month of nothing we had a weekend where we went back to our old ways. That was at the beginning of December.

I learned through that whole ordeal that I need to make sure I know what the other person wants before I start anything. I need things to be clear with no doubt. If we want different things, than I know we shouldn't start something.

It's a hard lesson to learn and it's something that I will take with me for the rest of my life. I now know how to approach things with a boy and things in the long term. I've even tried to use my example to help other people like my roommate. I don't want anyone to have to go through the pain I have and am going through.

I hope this helps someone out there. Maybe someone else has gone through this and is reading this seeing they are not alone.


Rose Sightings Vol. 1

Hey guys! So for those of you who don't know St. Therese is very important to me. She was the patron saint of my high school, which is also extremely important to me. St. Therese uses roses to show that she heard you and that she is here.

When I see a rose, the name rose, or anything to do with roses I am immediately calmed and happy. They just have that effect on me. So with all that being said I thought I would do a post maybe every week or every so often with all of the times I had an encounter with a rose. This will hopefully be the first of many Rose Sightings.

January 30, 2014

  1. A girl in my T'ai Chi Chih class was wearing a skirt with roses on it
  2. I saw a album cover with roses on it
  3. A rose with snow all over it 

January 31, 2014

  1. My friend received a rose from her sorority 
  2. Two roses on a billboard 
February 1, 2014
  1. A guy on tv had a rose tattoo
  2. I saw many bouquets of roses at the food store
  3. There was a commercial for buying roses
  4. A little girl had a rose at my sister's cheerleading competition 
February 2, 2014

  1. Roses in my neighbor's window
  2. A girl had a rose tattoo on instagram
  3. Someone posted a dress with roses all over it on twitter
  4. Someone had a rose on a blog post
  5. Someone else post a bouquet of roses on instgram
  6. A girl had a paper from her sorority and there was a rose on it
  7. I saw a picture of a rose and skull tattoo on tumblr
  8. A crown of roses
  9. Kevin Jones named his daughter Alena Rose 
  10. My sister's precious moments had a rose on it
  11. The mirror in my bathroom has a rose in the middle on the top 
  12. A rose in a picture on someone's blog
  13. Some posted roses on instagram
  14. A friend got a rose tattoo
  15. Someone on tumblr's son named their doll Rosie
  16. A picture of a rose tattoo behind the ear on tumblr
  17. A tattoo with roses and two people
  18. An adorable baby with a crown of roses
February 3, 2013

  1. Roses on cupcakes on a blog post
  2. The word rose in someone's caption on instagram 
  3. A rose on my roommates spoon
  4. A person posted roses with their picture on instagram 
  5. My friend used the rose emoji on instagram
  6. A picture of a single rose on tumblr
  7. A HUGE bouquet of roses on tumblr 
  8. A crown of roses on tumblr
February 4, 2014

  1. The word rose in someone's blog post
  2. A crown of roses on instagram
  3. A rose tattoo on instagram
  4. A phone case that had roses on it (and it was nursing!)
  5. A person posted a picture with roses in it on instagram 
  6. Someone on instagram posted a picture of roses in a vase
  7. Someone on tumblr posted a picture of a bunch of roses in vases

This was never posted last week so I am posting it now. I know it is kind of long but I had a lot of rose sightings in that week.


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Day Fifteen: A Big Dream

My biggest dream has got to be to become a nurse. I don't think I realized just how big of a dream it was until this week. The week was really hard and stressful. Many times throughout the week I had thoughts of just dropping out of college or changing my major. Those thoughts are long gone and a lot of it has to do with seeing other nursing students and nurses.

When I see nursing students in their scrubs I get so excited! All I want to do is become a nurse and work in the hospital. There are times I wish life had a fast forward button so I can just be a nurse already.

I'm taking steps to become a nurse too. Currently I'm in college studying nursing and have completed one semester. I still have a ways to go but its going to be worth it. Going to college makes this dream seem even more real than it already is. I'm acting on my dream and working towards it.

I don't think any dream could get bigger than becoming a nurse. I dream of it day and night.


Friday, February 14, 2014

Day Fourteen: Happy Valentine's Day!

 Blog Everyday in February

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope everyone is having a nice day and spending it with their loved ones. Chad Michael Murray tweeted something today that I love. He said,
Spend the day with people you love. Love doesn't come in gifts and flowers but in actions and attitude. Strongest emotion- Love. Happy Valentine's Day
It's the truth! It doesn't matter what you receive or give. It's about love and showing your love for people in actions not gifts.

I also saw this on instagram and fell in love with it.

I'm home for the weekend to visit my family. I really think this is going to be a relaxing weekend because I really don't have much planned. I need a relaxing weekend.

My family did send me a care package and it was so cute! Here's what I got:

A few weeks ago my roommate and I decorated our door for Valentine's Day with the funny Valentine's Day cards from twitter and tumblr. It came out so cute and everyone loved them!

Last night because I had free time and was feeling crafty I made my family Valentine's Day cards. They were so much fun to make!

And the one I made for my roommate on the computer.

I hope everyone had a fun day and enjoyed it. I know I loved seeing all of the love floating around. It made me so happy.


Thursday, February 13, 2014

100th Blog Post And An Award!

I've finally made it to 100 blog post! This is really exciting news for me with all of the times I have started and stopped and started and stopped blogging. I really didn't think I would make this this far. Since I didn't know I had made it to 100 posts until two minutes ago I have nothing special planned. But it just so happens that I have something a little bit bigger and more exciting than my 100 post to talk about!

I was nominated for the Liebster Award!!!!! Chelsea over at Southern Charm nominated me! Thank you so much! I have seen bloggers receiving the Liebster Award for some time now but I never thought I would receive one myself. For those of you who don't know what the Liebter Award is I will do a little background on it.


  • It's a way for bloggers to celebrate other bloggers. 
  • It is given from one blogger to another. 
  • You receive it if you have less than 200 followers.
  • When and if you accept the nomination, you are agreeing to do a post on your blog about yourself and the award. 
  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Display the award on your blog.
  3. Answer the 11 questions given to you.
  4. Provide 11 facts about yourself.
  5. Nominate 5-11 bloggers with less than 200 followers.
  6. Create a lis of questions for the people you nominated.
  7. List the rules on your blog (although you don't have to).
  8. Tell the people you nominated!
Here are the questions I received from Chelsea:

1. Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging because I fell in love with other blogs and I was reading blogs everyday. I thought it would be cool to write my own blog plus I really like writing. I thought it would also be a cool way to document my life and maybe help someone else. 

2. What is your most prized possession?
Without a doubt it would be my class ring. I love it and it has so much meaning to me.

3. If you could meet anyone dead or alive, who would it be?
This is kind of hard! I don't know if this counts as 4 people or 1 person but Mumford and Sons. They are my favorite band of all time and I would do anything to meet them. Now if they count as 4 people than I would love to meet Marcus Mumford (and maybe he would bring the rest of the guys). 

4. Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give you 13-year-old self?
I would tell myself to live in the moment and not worry about getting to college and out on your own. You'll get there and wish you could be young again. 

5. Who is your favorite fictional character?
Blair Waldorf for Gossip Girl without a doubt

6. Describe yourself in three words
Creative, Funny, Caring

7. Who is a hero in your life?
My mom is probably one of my first heroes. She amazing and has gone through so much and is still strong. 

8. What is your favorite season of the year?
I really love spring. It has the best temperature, its not too hot or too cold. And theres always flowers and pretty things. Plus my birthday is in spring

9. Who is your fashion icon (you can pick 3)?
I really don't have fashion icons but I would have to say Serena Van Der Woodsen, Lilly Pulitzer, and Kourtney Kardashian

10. If you could live one day over, what would it be?
I really don't have one day that jumps out at me but after thinking a little it would be a day (more like weekend) last semester where I had the room to myself and me and a boy were talking. I was so happy. 

11. Morning person or night person?

11 Facts About Me
  1. My toenails must be painted no matter what season it is. 
  2. I was sort of named after the Ralph Lauren Perfume. My mom wore it and that's how she fell in love with the name. 
  3. I have never been out of the country.
  4. I hate the doctors yet I want to be a nurse. How ironic!
  5. I've only had one job in my life and it was at David's Bridal.
  6. Before I came to college I hated milk and french toast. Now I love milk but only if its 1% and french toast is my favorite.
  7. Fruit Loops are my favorite cereal. 
  8. I never went to any of my proms. 
  9. I've never had a boyfriend. 
  10. Most girls complain about wearing heels but I love them!
  11. Baseball is my favorite sport. 

My Nominations:

Your Questions!
  1. What are your favorite baby names for girls and boys?
  2. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
  3. If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?
  4. One Tree Hill or Gossip Girl?
  5. Tell me about a time when you were extremely happy
  6. What is something you pinned on Pinterest that you have tried or made?
  7. Who is your favorite fictional couple?
  8. Did you ever keep a diary or journal before?
  9. How many piercings and tattoos do you have?
  10. Name one thing on your bucket list that you have done and one thing you haven't done
  11. If money was never an issue, what is one thing yo would buy?
If you accept your nomination, comment below with your blog post! I would love to read all of you posts!


Day Thirteen: A Favorite Quote

 Blog Everyday in February

This was probably one of the easiest post this month. I knew right away the quote that I was going to use. I live by this quote.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Day Twelve: What's In Your Bag

 Blog Everyday in February

This is just a little life update before today's actual post. I'm back from my anatomy exam and it went ok. We'll just have to wait until the grades to come out. The other really exciting news is I have a snow day tomorrow!!! I am actually really shocked that we have a snow day because we were told my college wasn't giving out any more snow days. I guess because were suppose to get 12 inches they are giving us off. I can relax and catch up on blogging!

Now on to your regularly scheduled post. 

My bag is what I use for class because other than that I don't need a bag when I leave the room. All I need is my keys and my phone and I can carry them. 

My bag is from American Eagle and my wallet is from Groopdealz.


Anatomy, Sickness, and Stress Oh My!

I know I've been posted everyday for the Blog Every Day In February challenge but I haven't really updated you all on my life. It's been a little crazy over here in Room 219 this week.

To start off I have my first Anatomy exam at 5:00 today and I've been stressing over it all week. It's going to be extremely hard and I just want to pass the class. I've dedicated my whole life to anatomy in the last 3 plus days. Nothing else matters. No cleaning has been done and our room looks like a tornado hit it.

To top that off I got sick again. Monday night I started feeling really sick. My body ached all over and I felt like I was burning up but at the same time I was shivering. I sleep with two comforters and a fleece blanket thats how sick I felt. I might have had a fever but I never checked. Yesterday was the same thing and I was really sick at night. I also have a runny nose, cough, and some congestion.

It's just been a tough couple of days an I cannot wait for this week to be over.

The post for today's challenge is going to be up late because of my test. I'm going to write it after I take my test. I'll talk to you guys all after my test!


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Day Eleven: A Story of Traveling

 Blog Everyday in February

I don't travel very often and if I do its usually just to the beach, which is 2ish hours away. Since I don't do much traveling I was really stuck with what to write. I was going to write about my night to North Caroline to visit a college but that's really boring. Then I thought about writing about my trip to Disney in 2007 but it was so long ago that it seemed pointless. After brainstorming a little bit I came up with the idea to write about a future trip I want to take.

Now I know it's probably so different from everyone else's but I think this will be fun! I have always wanted to go to Italy. It's one of the things that has been on my bucket list for years. I feel even more in love with Italy after watching Letters to Juliet. I love the movie. The seances are so pretty.

If I was going to Italy I would go to Verona because that is where Letters to Juliet is based. I want to see the wall where all of the letters are stored. It looks so cool! All these people from all around the world leave letters for someone to read. The letters are good and they are bad. I would have to say that I'm a romantic type so the wall also appeals to me for that reason.

I wouldn't just go to the wall if I went to Italy. The countrysides also drawl me in too. They are beautiful and peaceful.  It would be a perfect place to relax from a stressful time or to paint. I would love to blog from there too! I wouldn't need a pool or beach to relax.

Italians can cook and I love food, especially Italian food. I would hit up all the great restaurants and try new things. I would love to try wine. You can't really go to Italy without trying wine!

There just a little bit of the trip I would take to Italy.