Friday, June 7, 2013

Senior Challenge Update!

Hey guys!

I am going to post all of the rest of the Senior Challenge except one right now. I am doing this from the app on my phone so I can't make the writing bold and centered. I'll also add pictures later too because it's easier.

I'm going to wait until graduation and everything dies down, so after this weekend.

I have a ton of other post to make about graduation and I will start them as soon as possible!

Sorry about the craziness! It will all be per soon!


Senior Challenge: Day 29

Question twenty-nine is:

What you’ll miss the most

There isn't just one thing that I'll miss the most but a whole group of things.

The first thing I will miss is all of the girls. They are not just classmates but sisters. I have never seen 197 girls so close and caring in my life. We are there for one another when we needed it. in times of crisis, we come together. We make sure we are all aright. In times of joy, we all live in the joy together. It brings us together in ways that nothing else can. This group of girls is purely amazing and I will never experience it in my life.

The next thing I will miss is the feeling of home my school brings. I like to say that I have two homes. One on C street and one on L street. One has three bedroom, while the other has 30+. They both have amazing kitchens with amazing cooks and food. They both have a family to fill them. Ones with people of all ages and importance. Every person in that home has a job. They both have the same feeling of safeness and comfort. They both will always be me hike never matter where I go.

The last thing I will miss is the traditions and the familiar routines. I will miss everything that makes LF the school it is. I will miss the Spirit Days, the alma mater, and everything in between.

As you can see I will miss so much from this school. It is more than a school. You will be missed, LF!


Senior Challenge: Day 28

Question twenty-eight

Your parents

I love how this just says parents! I think that is really all it needs.

My parents have been there front he beginning and have never left my side. They help me through everything. They are the reason I am in the high school I am in. Without them I could have never gone to LF.

They are everything I have ever needed and more. Words can not expresses how thankful I am for them.

I gave them a present with a card and little letter at my party. I think I will leave it at that. If I keep writing we will be here for day.


Senior Challenge: Day 27

Question twenty-seven is:

A word of advice to your younger self/underclassmen

Dear Ubderclassmen,

Enjoy every moment! Don't let a day pass you by! Before you know it it will be your graduation. I know everyone tells you these four years fly but it's true!

If I could shake my younger self and tell her it's true I would. I wish I listened and lived every moment up.

Don't graduate with regrets. Let every moment be your last and let it be memorable.

I wish you luck in the years to come as you grow closer to graduation. I hope you all take this letter into consideration. I mean it too.


Senior Challenge: Day 26

Question twenty-six is:

A memorable, spontaneous hang out

The very first thing that comes to mind is when I hung out with some new friends freshman year and we had this bear from the dollar store.

We take it out and took pictures with it. It had a name that I can't remember. After that weekend, one of the girls took it into school and left it in her locker.

We were out all night with that bear. It was cold and Christmas time too. I can't believe I still remember that!


Senior Challenge: Day 25

Question twenty-five

What you’ll miss the least

The thing that I am going to kiss the least is the mornings! I hated getting up so early and taking the bus. I was always late and always do tired.

The bus was torture the last week of school. I hated it more than I hated anything! I hated how annoying the girls were. I hated how long it took to get to school as how late the bus was.

I always over sleep me alarms. I raced every day to get out on time. It was horrible. I will not miss it at all!


Senior Challenge: Day 24

Question Twenty-four is:

Underclassmen who you’ll miss

Thebunderclassmen the ill miss the most is my fiend Lauren. We have been friend for 13-14 years now. Even before we went to high school. All I my earliest childhood memories are with her. I have always felt like I can be myself around her. she listen an cares do much.

I'm going to miss having her right across the street whenever I need her. I'm going to miss seeing her in the morning. I'm going to just miss her.

I hope she knows all of this. She really has been a great friend.


Senior Challenge: Day 23

Question number twenty-three is:

Upperclassmen who affected you

There is only one upperclassmen who I knew and that is my friend's sister. She was a senior when I was a freshman. I still see her today and we still say hi and stuff.

I'm not sure how she affected me but she did in some way. I do she her as like an older friend or something.


Senior Challenge: Day 22

Question number twenty-two is:

Your thoughts on your romantic life in high school

God! I had no romantic life in high school! I never had a boyfriend. I did have some crushes and my heart was broken a little but that is it.

I really shouldn't have fallen for some people or went back to some people because they just broke my heart.

I did think that I had gotten over one person but after seeing him again a couple of weeks again I realized I didn't. He still has the same affect on me. I came to the conclusion that I will always have something for him until the day I die.

So I was not at all romantic in high school and that is okay with me.


Senior Challenge: Day 21

Question number twenty-one is:

A Sing That Brings Back Nostalgia and Why

This is so hard! So many sons make me think of my class and I was going to make a playlist.

But if I had to chose it would be Hey Girl by Hillary Duff. We grew up with her and it is a song we all love. When I was a sophomore, we had our spring concert and the dance class danced to this. Well in the middle of there performance the radio stopped playing so the whole school sung it for them.

We also wanted it to be our class dance song but they said no. Needless to say we were upset.

Anyway every time I hear this song I think of my class and our sisterhood.


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Senior Challenge: Day 20

The twentieth question is:

Favorite Place To Be On Campus

My favorite place to be is in the cafeteria. Over the last four years, my homeroom has changed and my classrooms have changed but the cafe has not.

It is the place I had the best times and meet the best people. I always felt like I belonged in the cafe.

There were days where I would sit and look at everything going on in the cafe. It was so busy but everyone looked happy. You could see friendships happening.

I will always see it as the place were I gained the best of friends.


Senior Challenge: Day 19

The nineteenth question is:

Biggest Regret

The biggest regret I have is not living more. I was always to afraid of what people thought or if I would get in trouble. I always over thought things.

I would be more of a risk taker and do more. I would hang out with friends more.

I hope to fix all of this even more in the near future.


Senior Challenge: Day 18

The eighteenth question is:

A Memorable Job, Summer Camp, or Internship

I've only had one job in my life and that was at David's Bridal. My job was to take the dressed back, clean up, and help where needed. I loved my job and wish they still had work for me.

It was so fun to see all of the dresses and watch everything happen. It was so much better than working at a store or something.


Senior Challenge: Day 17

The seventeenth question is:

Oldest Friend Who You've Kept

The oldest friend that I have kept is my friend Becky. We have known each other since 1st grade. Although we aren't that close, I know he is always here for me.

I'm not sure what I am going to do next year when we are in different schools. We have always had classes together and I know I could defend on her if I needed to. When she saw how close we are school wise she said Laur we're not that far apart.

Our families are really close and that makes me do happy. It makes us closer, to tell you the truth.

I'm going to miss her do much not year. After I right this I am going to go write her a letter.


Senior Challenge: Day 16

The sixteenth questions is:

Most Surprising Friend

My most surprising friend is my friend Emily. She's so different from me but we make a great pair. I usually wouldn't like her kind but she's different. She is so caring and friendly. I'm not a huge fan of her other friends but since I like her it works.

I'm not sure why I'm surprised she is my friend. Something about our pair is just different.

I'm so glad we became friends and can't wait to stay friends.

Senior Challenge: Day 15

The Fifteenth questions is: 

Four favorite Pictures/Pictures that Represent Each of the Four Year and Why/How

Freshman Year

Mother Daughter dance. I like this picture because it represents how everyone was friends with everyone. The people in this picture are so random.  

Sophomore Year
Me and my sister before my dance. She really helped my through that year.

Junior Year
I choose a picture of a turtle for Junior year because that is the year we picked out mascot for senior year and the year we picked our officers.

Senior year
This is my class at our spirit day. I love this picture because it shows home much we have grown togther this year. 


Senior Challenge: Day 14

The fourteenth question they asked me is:

The Teacher You Hated The Most

The teacher I hated the most was my math teacher last year. We will call him Mr. Y. Mr. Y was my teacher for psychics freshman year, and Algebra 2 Junior year. He was going to be my Pre-Calc teacher this year but I dropped the class the first week of the year. He couldn't teacher. He didn't know how to grade and his test and quizzes were so hard. I got a failure warning for the first time in his class last year. My family hated him and so does half of the student body. He made me hate math and I use to love it. I am so glad I don't have to ever have him as a teacher.


Senior Challenge: Day 13

The thirteenth questions is:

Favorite Group Project

My favorite group project is probably a math one I did freshman year. I liked my group and the project was really easy and fun. You had to find pictures of different math terms. I usually hate group projects but that one I didn't hate. To bad even one after that I did!


Senior Chellenge: Day 12

The twelfth question is:

Hardest You Ever Legitimately Studied

The hardest I have ever studied was for some of my exams during Sophomore year. I usually don't study because I don't have the attention spam for it and get distracted really easy. I have done okay without studying most of the time. I studied hard because it was exams and we had a lot to study. Other than that I hardly studied. I hope I study in college!


Senior Challenge: Day 11

The eleventh question I have is:

How You Spent Your Most Memorable Lunch Hangout

I had no idea this question came after the one I just did! The most memorable lunch time this year and over the last four years was the last lunch ever! We had a big party at my table because it was our last day. Everyone remember to bring something in and that has never happened before. So we had this big party. While we were eating our teacher put on music and we danced and sung along. Our Class dance came on and everyone got up and danced to it. People were dancing on chairs and tables and the whole cafeteria was watching. After we danced we sang our alma mater. We had one last picture as a table and we were off!

I love that day and we forever remember it.


Senior Challege: Day 10

The tenth question asked is:

Something You Never Expected You'd Do and Ended Up Loving

Well I'm not sure if this counts but something that happened that I never expected to love was sitting at my lunch table this year. I sat with 9 other girls and they are the best thing that ever happened to me. 3 of them have become really good friends and I don't want to ever lose them as friends. Lunch was my favorite time of the day and I loved it!

We did so many things during lunch that made it special. We had Eviction Fridays, Lunch Table Pics, Food Fights, and Parties for almost every occasion. We always joked and laughed. I'm going to miss all of those girls so much.


Senior Challenge: Day 9

The ninth question Is:

Most Fun Class

The most fun class I had was art! We always had music playing and talked the whole class. I had some of the best conversations in that class. Jokes were always being told. I never went a day without laughing in that class. The friends I made in that class carried over into regular life. I'm really going to miss that class :(.


Senior Challenge: Day 8

The eighth question I have to answer is:

Favorite Book You Actually Read in English Class

The only year when I read things that I liked was senior year. I really like the shorts stories we read in the beginning of the year. My favorite was Winter Dreams by F Scott Fitzgerald. It was so interesting and I loved the story line. It makes me wonder if I would like The Great Gatsby. I may go and read it.


Senior Challenge: Day 7

The seventh question is:

A Time You Cried (Or Felt Like Crying) at School

There is one time I felt like crying at school. I was in English during my sophomore year. I was sitting in front of a friend and they were really making fun of me and I couldn't take it. I wanted to cry right there in class but held it off until I got home. English was my last period. For me, sophomore year was the worst year of my life. I hated school, myself, and life. I survived though and I am happier than ever!


Senior Challenge: Day 6

I find this picture so funny!

The sixth question is:
The Best Dance You Ever Attended

The best dance I ever attended was probably Big Sister Little Sister or Ring Dance. I'm not a fan of dances but these two dances were really fun. I had fun with my friends and I had fun afterwards. I really danced at these ones. After the dances I was happy. A lot of the dances this year were better than all of the other years before.


Senior Challenge: Day 5

The fifth question asked is:

Your Favorite Teacher and How He/She Has Impacted You

My favorite teacher is Mrs. Deihl. She was my art teacher and really the only teacher I will go back to visit. She was amazing at what she did and as a person. She made me love art even more than I already did and she made me see that my art wasn't bad. I was encouraged by her to keep going. 

Her class was my favorite part of the day for two years and I always said I wish I had taken it for 4 years. She is unselfish and caring. I wish I go to her class every day in college. 

I'm going to miss her so very much!


Senior Challenege: Day 4

The fourth question asked is:

The Most Trouble You've Ever Gotten Into

I never got into trouble. The only demerit I got was because I didn't come clean early enough in the morning freshman year. I always stayed out of trouble. I never got into trouble outside of school either. 

I was also good at hiding stuff and my parents never yelled at me. I don't drink so that eliminated a lot of things too! 

There you have me being a goody-good!


Senior Challenge: Day 3

The third question is:

Homecoming- What It Meant to You and Your Memories of It

At my school we don't have homecoming so I'll talk about prom. Prom it me didn't mean anything. I didn't go and that was okay with me. I didn't see the big deal in it and it didn't interest me. 

Since I didn't go I just have memories from before. I remember how happy I was for the people going. I remember my mom being upset I didn't go. I remember my friend being upset because she couldn't go. I remember it was nice and as soon as everyone got done pictures it rained. I remeber all of the crazy stories of after Prom. 

So there you have it! Prom from my point of view. 


Senior Challege: Day 2

The second question they ask is:

First Memory of High School

The first memory I have of high school is with my two best friends. We are walking from my friend Becky's house to get the 66 Bus. In order to get to that bus we had to walk this really LONG street! So we're walking and talking (that rhymes haha) and one of them brings up our student numbers. I was like student numbers?!?! What is that? I started to panic because I didn't know mine and thought we needed it. So I call my mom and she tells me what it is. Turns out I didn't need it.

So we get on the bus and take it down to the terminal to get the second bus. I'm pretty sure the first bus was packed. We are walking to the second bus but have NO idea where it comes at. We call my friend Becky's sister, who is a senior at the time, and ask for help. We tell her we are walking towards Church's Chicken. That's the opposite way we are suppose to go!

That's really my first memory of high school and I am so glad it is with two of my best friends, even thought one of them isn't friends with me any more. 


Senior Challege: Day 1

The first question asked is:

First Thoughts on Going to College

Well... My very first thought on going to college is I am scared! I have no idea what to expect and that scares me a lot! I like to know what is going on and what is going to happen. I like to plan. This whole college thing is a mystery to me and I don't like that!

The other thoughts I have on college is I am both ready and not ready to start over. Up until today I have been waiting for college so I could start over. I felt like high school wasn't the way I wanted it to be and I just wanted a chance to start over with new people. Now I don't want to leave high school and I feel like I am not ready. I just wish I had one more week. Those girls are my sisters and I can't imagine a day without them. 

College as a whole is very emotional and who knows how it is going to go. 


30 Day/Post Senior Year Challenge

I had wanted to do this 30 day challenge 30 days better I graduated but I forgot so I'm going to do it now. I'll try to catch up. These are all of the questions:

  1. First thoughts on going to college
  2. First memory of high school
  3. Homecoming- what it meant to you and your memories of it
  4. The most trouble you’ve ever gotten into
  5. Your favorite teacher and how he/she has impacted you
  6. The best dance you ever attended (pick a specific day, not just ex. “sadies is my favorite dance”)
  7. A time you cried (or felt like crying) at school
  8. Favorite book you actually read for English class
  9. Most fun class 
  10. Something you never expected you’d do and ended up loving
  11. How you spent your most memorable lunch hangout
  12. Hardest you ever legitimately studied
  13. Favorite group project
  14. The teacher you hated the most 
  15. Four favorite pictures/pictures that represents each of your four years the best and why/how
  16. Most surprising friend
  17. Oldest friend who you’ve kept
  18. A memorable job, summer camp, or internship
  19. Biggest regret
  20. Favorite place to be on campus
  21. A song that brings back nostalgia, and why
  22. Your thoughts on your romantic life in high school
  23. Upperclassmen who affected you
  24. Underclassmen who you’ll miss
  25. What you’ll miss the least
  26. A memorable, spontaneous hang out
  27. A word of advice to your younger self/underclassmen
  28. Your parents
  29. What you’ll miss the most
  30. Final word- Your “thank you“‘s, “good-byes”, and final reflection

So I'll start them right now and continue until I graduate.


Monday, June 3, 2013

Graduation Week!

What today and the rest of my week looks like!

Today (June 3)
  • Have to go to school at normal time (8:00 am) 
  • Senior Award ceremony (about 8:10-9:00)
  • At Senior Award Ceremony we had our Alumnae pledge and flag retirement 
  • Baccalaureate Practice
  • Get done practice at 10:45 and come home
  • Senior Night 5:00-8:00 tonight
 Tomorrow (June 4)
  • Off from school
Wednesday (June 5)
  • Practice at place of graduation at 11:30
  • Home after practice
 Thursday (June 6)
  • Friend's birthday
  • Baccalaureate at 7:00
  • Have to be there at 6:00
 Friday (June 7)
  •  Graduation at 2:00!
  • Dinner after
  • Friends graduation party at 7:00

So there you have my schedule for the rest of the week and why I am so busy.  It's going to be pretty emotional and I don't know how I will be after the week is out. Right now I am holding it together but that's really because I haven't thought about it. I really don't want to because it's hard to believe.

If you have any tips for handling graduation let me know! I would love to hear them.


May Movies

These are all of the movies I have watched in May. Some I saw before but others I saw for the first time. I really liked some of them. Since We have all of the movie channels (HBO, Stars, Max, etc.) I am able to watch movies whenever I want. Most of the movies I watched on those channels.

Journey 2: Mysterious Island
I watch this one on HBO and just happened to be sitting in the room when it came on. I saw the first one a long time ago but couldn't remember much about it. You really don't have to watch the first one to see this one. It was an amazing movie! It's hard for me to get into a movie and really watch them but I didn't have that problem with this one. It's very adventures and keeps you wanting to watch. I would recommend this to people of all ages.

The Rise of Planet of the Apes
This is yet another movie I had no plans of watching but was just in the movie. Actually, this was on right after Journey 2 and I just keep it on. I loved this one too! It really had my attention and I wanted to keep watching to find out what was happening. This movie isn't for anyone but it is definitely something you might want to check into. I thought this movie wasn't for me but boy was I wrong!

The Confessions of a Drama Queen
I have seen this movie before and watched it a lot as a kid. It brought back my childhood and I was able to relax for a little bit. I love this movie because it is so funny how she acts. She really is a drama queen! It also shoes how girls really act. I also like that fact that it is Lindsey Lohan before she went crazy. If you have a little girl I would show her this.

The Lucky One
I had been waiting to watch this movie for so long! I read the book and loved it. Needless to say I loved he movie! It was so good and I didn't want it to end! It was so romantic and I am a sucker for romantic movies, especially ones with Zac Efron in them. If you like Nicholas Sparks go see this movie!

Mr. Popper's Penguins
This is another movie I had been waiting to see. I finally got around to watching it and I loved it! Maybe it is because it had animals in it but I'm not sure. It was a really cute movie and it's really for all ages. I like the suspense it gave me and it kept me watching.

There you have all of the movies I have watched in May. I did watch little parts of different movies but I'm not going to count them. I wonder what I will watch in June :)