Friday, July 19, 2013

Five on Friday!

I'm going to participate in this link-up today! It seems so fun and easy! I think I will make this one all about college, since that is what I have been thinking about.

If you love shopping than you will love going to college! All I have been doing is shopping this summer. Almost every weekend I go out shopping for more things I need for college. Sometimes I go shopping multiple times a week.
The current pile of things for college. 

I finally have my roommate! I found out who she is this morning. I actually went to grade school and high school with her! There are only two other girls from my high school going to the same college as I am and we are all in nursing. Who would have though I would be rooming with one of them?!
I really hope this isn't me! 

I move in to college in 32 days! That is a little over a month! Time is really flying over here and I wish it would stop! I am so excited to go to college but I just want a little more time for summer.
My countdown!

The list of things I need to do before I move out is getting so long! I want to leave home with a clean room and very prepare to live on my own. Every day I think of something else I need to do before I am out on my own.
Sorry it's so blurry but my list!

I've been sending so much time with my sister because  know it is going to be so hard for her when I go to college. I've been letting her getting involved with the things I do for college and I always tell her about college. I try my best to remember this is a hard time for her.
The sister
There you have my 5 thoughts on college! I could go on and on but we would be here forever! Until next time :)


Monday, July 15, 2013

Where Have I Been?!?!

Hello all! This summer has been so busy for me! Besides being busy I have been have a lot of computer troubles. The laptop I had been using would not connect to the internet. It just stopped connecting and nothing I tried would fix it. I would try to use it but when I typed out blog post they wouldn't save and all my hard work would go out the door. I also lost my charger for a couple of weeks (more like my little sister stole it) so I never have a chance to try to use it.

The good news is I got a new laptop! Saturday I went to the Apple store and brought the Macbook Pro! My parents helped my pay for it and I couldn't thank them enough. I should be back to blogging from now on.

Now where have I been since the last time I posted? Well, I graduated!

June 7 was definitely a day to remember! I will be putting up a post about it VERY soon! I have a lot to talk about and pictures to show from Graduation and Baccalaureate.

I also have to do a post about my graduation party on May 31. I had no amazing time and there is about 200 pictures from the party! Now I won't be showing you all of them but I will be showing you my favorites.

Besides those two special days, I have other posts to make. I have a ton of hauls to show you. I also have college post to make because I start college in a little over a month!

Time is just flying over her at my house and I haven't been able to keep up with it! I'll talk to you guys very soon!


Senior Challenge: Day 30

The last question is:

Final word- Your “thank you“‘s, “good-byes”, and final reflection

Dearest Class of 2013 and LF,

Where do I even begin! I have a lot to say to you and it will probably end in tears. So get your tissues, find a comfy chair, and sit back to enjoy the ride.

First off, can you believe we are graduating!!! The day we have all been both dreading and waiting for is here. This whole time we have been so excited for it to come but now we would rather have one more week. It's the last time we will be together as a class. Don't be afraid to cry because I know I will. We will say our goodbyes to the family we have loved for 4 years. A family that although distance will separate us our love will still shine through. When this day is all over just know that no matter where we go we will always be a family.

The last four years have been the best years of my life. Although I did have some bad times, the good times out weigh them. The memories I made will stay with me for a life time. There was never a time when I felt allow at LF. I always had someone to turn to about anything. When I was upset or feeling down, someone was there to make me happy or feel better. Sometimes you didn't even know the little act of kindness you did made my day.

I want to talk about all of the things I love about our school and class. I love that almost everyone was friends with each other. I love how I could have a conversation with anyone about anything. I love how everyday was an adventure and jokes were always being said. I love how when things went bad we came together as a group. I love how safe I felt at school. I love how just stepping foot in LF made me feel at home. I love all of the stupid things we did. I love all of the people on the school because we are what made LF the place it is.

I'm going to now move on to the thank you's. I have a lot of thanking to do so get ready.

Thank you Mrs. D for being the best teacher I have ever had. Coming to art class every day was my favorite part. I loved that little room in the FAB. If it was up to me I would stay in your room all day. You made me love art even more then I already do. You always encouraged me to do my best and you always so the good in my art work even though at times I thought it looked bad. Thank you for being an amazing person. I think one of the reasons I loved your class so much was because you were an amazing person to be around. You were never upset about anything and if you were you never showed it. You were such a giving person in both material and non-material items. You gave support to anyone who needed it. I am so glad I got to see you receive the Teacher of the Year Award. You are one of the biggest things I am going to miss about LF. Just thinking about not going to your class next year brings tears to my eyes. I'll be back to visit you so don't go anywhere!

Thank you Judy! I feel like you don't get thanked enough. Although you are the lunch lady, you were one of the most important people of my day. On the few days you weren't there, I got worried about you. I was also upset that you weren't there. You always brought a smile to my face. You were never down or upset. I saw just how giving you were by the little things you did. Something that blew my mind away was when you asked my to tell you when Cait's baby was born. At that moment I knew that you were more than a lunch lady in my life. You cared about us beyond lunch. My whole family knows just how much I love you. Sitting here knowing that next year I won't be able to get my lunch from you is very sad. Knowing I won't be able to see you care or joke everyday is upsetting. I'll be coming back to visit so stay just were you are at the register with the cheese fries.

Thank you lunch table, all 9 of you. I know at the beginning of the year I left but I hate myself for that. I am so glad I came back and I got the seat that I did. Veronica, Cait and Erica, you all made my day so much better. I am so glad I became your friends. If I walked into the cafe, upset or stressed I left being happy and relaxed. You knew when things were wrong and you cared so much. I had the best times with all of you. From having food fights with the last table to eviction Friday, lunch time was always like a party. Sometimes I feel like we are a little family. There is one moment that we stick with me for the rest of my life. I was standing with Erica and I told her I was really hungry. She said to me"It makes sense because your from our lunch table." If there is one thing I am going to miss from this year its lunch time. I know we have talked about it but nothing can prepare me for not having you guys next year. We will all we in different places but really we will al have each other in our hearts.

The last thank you I am just going to do a quick one because you have a a long personal one coming to you. Thank you Becky for being there for me the last 12 years. Thank you for everything you have done. Thank you for being my friend. I love you.

I know there are so many more people I have to thank but I would be here for the next week if I did. I feel bad for not thanking you all personally but just know that I am so thankful for my little (or rather big) family. You all mean the world to me.

In closing I guess today is our final goodbye. I know we will have summer but that is just not the same. I'm not going to say goodbye but instead I will say See Ya Later because then I know this is not the end. I'll be leaving you with this little quote from Stitch, which has come to be very, very important to us.