Sunday, August 24, 2014

This Year's Dorm Ideas!!

I love decorating and coming up with new ideas so moving into a dorm room is so much fun for me. There a brand new room for me to decorate however I want. I've been thinking and pinning ideas all summer. Actually I started coming up with ideas before I even left campus for the summer! Crazy but I was just too excited.

Well I'm moving in today and have decided I want to do things a little differently this year than last. Now I know there is a high possibility that things won't go as planned because let's be realistic here nothing goes planned for me. I can still dream though!

Keeping my bed as low as possible. 
My bed last year

Last year I had no choice but to raise my bed as high as I could. We had no room and I had a lot of stuff. The bed came up to about my hips, which isn't too bad but is still high. My goal going in is to have as little things under my bed as possible.

Less things on the wall

I had a ton of paintings and pictures up. Actually both my roommate and I covered almost every inch of our walls. I want it to look less clutter this year and I really don't have a ton of things to put up.

I would love the window side of the room. 
Last year I was on the wall side across from the window and it was perfect but this year I really want to window side. Its a dark room and I need the nature light to survive mentally so I want to get as close to the window as possible.

Keep my desk clutter free.

I had hardly any space to put things last year so my desk really got cluttered. There was a ton of pictures and boxes. Everything was piled up and just didn't look good. If I have a dresser to use I will definitely have less clutter.

My theme is pink and gold ONLY!
I tried to keep my theme with just pink last year but ended up picking things that didn't match. This year I am staying with the pink theme and adding in gold. Pink is my favorite color and I love pink and gold together. As for my roommate I am not sure what she has planned.

I am also hoping my roommate and I each get a dresser and closet because that will help us a lot. Really I have zero control over that and it depends on what the school gives us. Hopefully there will be a room tour up soon. I'll do it as soon as everything is in its place.


Friday, August 22, 2014

First Days of College Tips

I'm about to start my second year of college and learned a few things about how to handle the college experience. I thought it would be helpful to my readers if I gave you the tips that helped me on the first few days of college.

Be Yourself!
I know this a tip everyone tells you but if you're being yourself and feel comfortable the days will go easier. Plus the people you meet will know the real you from the beginning and you won't have to keep up on act around them.

Remember Everyone Is In The Same Boat As You
Are you afraid or nervous for these classes? Are you lost? Is this something that's new to you? Well guess what?! Everyone will be dealing with these things too! They are afraid and nervous. They've never done this before! And there's a high possibility they are lost too! You're not alone in this experience and your fellow classmates know just how you fell. Hell the upperclassmen know how you feel too!

Plan Ahead
Yep it will relieve some stress if you plan ahead of the game. Try to look up a map of the campus or even walk around the campus and see where your classes are. Maybe plan a lunch date with some new friends or plan to meet with someone and walk to class together. If you walk into the classroom with someone you already know you will feel less alone.

Give Yourself Time To Get To Class
Getting to class on your first day is stressful and being late doesn't help. Leave yourself an extra 5 minutes in case you get lost. If you think it will take you 10 minutes to get to class leave 5 minutes before. You'll find out exactly how long it takes as the semester goes on.

Go To All of the Freshman Events
I know my school has 3 days of events for freshman students with fun activities and I'm sure every other school has something similar. Go to these events! They will help you meet new people and it will give you something to do. Chances are you don't know what the fun things to do around campus are so you'll just end up sitting in your dorm room if you don't go. I know I went to some of the events at my school and they not only gave me something to do but they also left me with memories.

Good luck to everyone moving in and starting college whether its your first year or your last year have a great start to the year! Enjoy it and don't let nervous get to you!


Thursday, August 21, 2014

What This Summer Has Taught Me

For those of you who don't know, this summer I spent 12 weeks in class, babysat the beginning of the summer, and worked at a daycare the end of the summer. It was hard and I had to sacrifice a ton but I walked away with lessons and a different view on life. It's only normal for me to want to share if you guys! Maybe it will help you see the good in your busy, stressful life.

Your coworkers can make or break your love for work. 
My main job was to work in the day camp at the daycare but if there was someone out or I was need somewhere else I moved to a different age group and room. In my time there, I worked in all but 2 rooms and with all but 4 teachers. I found there were people I loved to work with and people I wanted to avoid at all cost. When I worked with the people I liked I never wanted to leave and would work extra hours. When it came time to work with the people I didn't like or didn't make me feel included I was miserable and wouldn't want to come to work. Your coworkers really make work feel like a social event at times.

You can do what you put your mind to. 
The two classes I had to take were Anatomy and Physiology 1 and Anatomy and Physiology 2. I took A&P 1 because I failed the class in the Spring and A&P 2 was just so I could get ahead and have less stress come fall. I have to say it felt amazing to get a B+ in A&P 1 when I worked so hard and failed it the first time. In all honestly I didn't think I would ever passed the class. With A&P 2 I spent most of the 6 weeks stressing because I thought I was going to fail. Well I woke up and checked my grade on Friday morning to find out I passed with a B. I'm not afraid to say that I cried tears of joy. In the end of this I learned that no matter how big my dreams at I can accomplish them if I set my mind to them.

You have to sacrifice things to get farther in life. 
This summer I had to sacrifice a vacation, time with friends, time at home, and even my sleep. But I gained so much more! I'm closer to my career goal because I completely 2 classes I never thought I would. I also gained a new mindset that will really help me in life. One summer lost is better is nothing compared to what I gained. I have plenty of summers to go. 

This summer has been one of the most rewarding summers and I'm so glad I spent it how I did. I'm able to look back on it with pride and a sense of comfort knowing I did something good. There was no sitting around and wasting time. Here's to hoping I have a good school year and one that is just as rewarding.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Moving Back To School

I move back to school in 4 days! It's hard to believe that is long, challenging, and rewarding summer is coming to an end. In all honestly I feel like I never had a summer but that's ok because it makes going back to school after 4 months a little bit easier. I was thinking about what I'm excited to get back to and what I am dreading on getting back to come August 24.

Exciting Things!

Being free again!
Living at college has given me so much freedom and moving back home for the summer took that away. I'm excited to get back to not having my parents around all the time and having the freedom to just go without having to tell anyone.

My friends are a 2 minute walk away instead of a 45 minute drive. 
This year all of my friends are in different buildings and parts of campus but since are campus is so small they are a 2 minute walk away. I haven't been able to see my friends all that much because of work, school, and distance. I missed them terribly and its so nice to have them so close at school. Now when I'm bored we can be bored together!

A new place to decorate. 
I love decorating and I love having a place to do that. At home my room doesn't change and the decor is the same. Moving into a dorm is like moving into a new place so you get to decorate it anyway you want. I have some ideas but this year I'm just waiting until I get there to really go into detail. I do know my colors are pink and gold, pretty similar to last year but more of a theme.

Not having to cook most of my meals.
When it comes to eating I have cooking and waiting for this to cook. I usually wait until I am starving to make something so by that time I am just eating snacks and being miserable to have to cook. At college we have our food already made for us when we go to the cafe. It may not be good but its better than having to cook for yourself!

Dreadful Things :(

Having to go back to the cafe food.
Last year the food was a hit or miss, usually a miss. I was so excited to get home this summer because than I could have real food. Plus the food at school really mess up your stomach. I guess I just have to learn how to cook in a microwave again.

Six classes of work
I was in class for 13 out of my 15 weeks of summer so class isn't that bad but having 6 classes is a lot. I'm not looking forward to all the work but at the same time I can't wait to get back into the swing of things and have something to do. Call me crazy but I like having classwork to do just not 6 times the work!

Having little to no personal space
Living with someone else in a little room is never fun no matter how much you like them. I am living with one of my friends this year and we get along. But we have to share a room that essentially becomes out living room, bedroom, kitchen, and whole house for 9 months. Yes we will have a lounge but that is public and something I don't consider my space. The only good thing about my room this year is its bigger.

Having to pack up and move most of what I own
I'm one of the people who brings almost everything she owns with her back to college. I hate to leave it at home and need about 98% of it at all times. Its a lot of work packing everything up. What makes it worse is I'm a planner and have to stay organized so I stress myself out trying to make everything perfect.

Don't let any of these things scare you away from college. The pros outweigh the cons by a mile! Four days of summer left for me! I'm off to go finish packing ;)