Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer So Far

It's been almost two months since I wrote a post for the blog. I would love to sit here and write excuses as to why I haven't written but there really aren't any. Yes I've been busy and yes I've had a little writing block but I know if I just sat down I would be able to write something up. There are almost 30 half finished posts in my drafts.

My summer has been pretty boring so far. I spend four nights a week in class and I'm on my 6th week so far with 6 more weeks left. When I'm not in class I'm doing homework or babysitting my two little cousins, ages 5 and 6.

I have done some fun and exciting things that really only lasted a day haha. I went down the beach two separate days. The first time was with my two friends from college and the second time was with a group of friends from college. I loved getting together with them. I miss them so much!!

The one big event, which took weeks of planning and hard work was our family reunion! I had a great time and it never gets old seeing family. I might do an in-depth post about the Family Reunion but I won't be making any promises.

I'll just leave you with some pictures from this summer this far.