101 in 1001

Start Date: March 2, 2014
End Date: November 27, 2016

1. Read 5 biographies
2. Google/find 101 random pictures of people and write 300 word stories about them
3. Read 100 books
4. Write a letter for me to open on my first day as a nurse
5. Write a 52 weeks of gratitude journal
6. Answer the 50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind
7. Write a letter and send it to a random address
8. Read the Summer series by Jenny Han (all 3) each summer of the 1001 days
9. Write in my journal every day for a month (11/31 completed)
10. Write Becky a letter
11. Use futureme.org to write a letter to myself after I finish a task and receive it at the end (1/101 competed) 

12. Complete 10 DIY/Craft projects I pin on Pinterest
13. Make balloon paint art (like Princess Diaries!)
14. Make one cross stitch item
15. Make a little book of favorite outfits of Blair and Serena's from gossip girl for each season
16. Make a gingerbread house
17. Make a Pinterest binder of all the pins I want to make/do
18. Make a book of my top 100 quotes
19. Make a book of 100 things that make me happy
20. Do melted crayon art canvas
21. Finish an entire coloring book
22. Buy and complete a wreck this journal
23. Finish my senior journals
24. Make a book of my graduation cards

Blog/Social Media
25. Tweet a total of 2000 Tweets
26. Post a total of 200 pictures on Instagram
27. Blog everyday for a month without a challenge
28. Comment 101 times on blogs during the 1001 days
29. Create an etsy shop
30. Complete a monthly Instagram challenge
31. Make a twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest for my blog
32. Tell at least one person about my blog
33. Complete an Alphabet Photo Series
34. Document each task through blog/social media
35. Have someone design my blog
36. Have a guest blogger

Giving Back
37. Donate blood
38. Send a letter/package to a blogger/blog I like
39. Leave 13 Operation Beautiful notes
40. Send flowers to my mom one day put of the blue
41. Donate to my high school
42. Send rose to my high school on the feast day
43. Send someone I love a random package
44. Leave inspiring note in a book for someone to find
    45. Go on the Gossip Girl Tour in New York
    46. Go to the zoo
    47. Go to a Phillies Game
    48. Go bowling
    49. Go to the beach
    50. Go to a concert

    51. Decide on a minor
    52. Learn about one new saint
    53. Get a 3.5 gpa for at least one semester
    54. Learn to say I love you in 10 different languages
    55. Learn about and practice something from 2 different religions
    56. Don't skip any class for one who semester
    57. Learn 20 new things by clicking 'random articles' on Wikipedia
    58. Only bring 2 bags when I come home on the weekend
    59. Finishing hang everything up in my dorm

    60. Get my licenses
    61. Get a job
    62. Get a tattoo
    63. Tie a bad memory to a balloon and let it go
    64. Get a new piercing
    65. Buy a lottery ticket
    66. Celebrate my birthday with my friends
    67. Wear scrubs
    68. Save over $1000 in my bank account
    69. Have professional pictures taken with my siblings
    70. Fast from social media for a whole day

    71. Complete 10 recipes I pin on Pinterest
    72. Make a rainbow cake
    73. Make 5 smoothies from my smoothie book
    74. Try Nutella
    75. Make homemade hot chocolate
    76. Make dinner for the family one night
    77. Make pancakes from scratch
    78. Try 5 new (to me) Ben and Jerry Ice cream flavors

    79. Decorate my room for Christmas
    80. Dress up for Halloween
    81. Carve a pumpkin 
    82. Make/buy a special ornament for each Christmas during the 1001 days

    83. Make 5 of the nail designs I pinned on pinterest
    84. Wear pink on Wednesday April 20th for Mean Girls
    85. Buy and wear a hair bow for one day
    86. Don't wear a t-shirt to class for two weeks straight
    87. Buy a rose bracelet

    88. Do one month of butt squats
    89. Drink only water for a week

    90. Come up with 101 things (March 3, 2014)
    91. Review 5 items on amazon
    92. Make a playlist for a special occasion
    93. Watch every animated Disney movie
    94. Complete a family tree
    95. Plant a flower from a seed
    96. Take pictures in a photo booth
    97. Print out the text that have meaning to me
    98. Memorize my student number
    99. Decorate my MacBook
    100. Buy Martha Stewart paints 
    101. Write a new 101 in 1001 list

    Completed= line through
    In process: highlighted

    Completed: 1
    In Process: 1
    Unattempted: 99


    1. LOVE this! Esp the Tie a bad memory to a balloon and let it go!

    2. Girl! How have you never tried Nutella! Go to a store and buy it now! I love it for a finals week studying snack. Just grab a big spoonful and just slowly enjoy it through an hour of studying. Or the College Prepster gave a wonderful recipe for Nutella hot chocolate that I made on Christmas day that was wonderful!

      1. Since making this list I have tried Nutella and its the best thing in the world! I really need to update this list. I ate it by the spoonfuls one night because I had a bad day and couldn't eat the cupcakes that were for a party the following day. I wanted to try the hot chocolate recipe!