Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Love At First Sound

If you couldn't tell by the title of my blog, I love Mumford and Sons. For thse of you who don't know Mumford and Sons is set to release their new album on May 4 (ten days before my birthday!) and one of the songs was released already. It's called Believe and their album is Wilder Mind.

The song has a completely different sound than all of their past music. It has less banjo and strings and more electric, something people weren't expect. There has been some uproar with the new song. I had some thought of my own and just wanted to share some first thoughts.

Let me just set the picture for you. I'm sitting in the library on a Wednesday night studying Microbiology. Exhaustion has taken over me and I'm all by my lonesome self at this table. The library is filled with people. Believe comes on iTunes radio and I hear Marcus's voice (yep we're on first name bases). I can't exactly freak out so these are the thoughts that run through my head.

Is that Marcus?! It sounds just like him but like not anything like Mumford and Sons. 
Well this is different...
Where's the banjo? I miss the banjo! That was their thing! 
I have to tell someone about this! *Looks around library*
Well there's no one here to tell... 
I'll just tweet about it. 
Wait that's not enough! I'll just text my roommate. 
Let me just simmer down and listen to the lyrics. 
These are pretty lyrics. No surprise here. 
*Song ends*
Marcus and boys I am proud of you. 
Now lets listen again! 

So as you can see I freaked out a little. Actually more like a lot and if I wasn't in the library I'm pretty sure I would have been screaming. I'm pretty dramatic. After listening to the song I went and looked at what other people were saying. A lot of people were upset it sounded different and they were saying they couldn't tell. All I have to say is if you know them than you can surely tell it's Marcus signing.

If you haven't listened to the new song go listen to it right now! I've had it on repeat for a week.


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