Thursday, October 10, 2013

Weekend Most Haves for College

**I thought this posted on Friday but it never went out. From now on I will be checking and not assuming my post have been posted**

Since being in college I have gone out a lot on the weekends. It's usually every Friday and Saturday night to a party of some sort. In the times since the beginning I have learned to bring certain things with me and to have certain things ready in my room or my friends' rooms. This post is mainly going to be for girls but there are a few things that any boy should have. 

Hair ties
Yes hair ties. Everyone loves their hair down and knows it looks cute but you never know when you will need a hair tie. You might need the hair tie or a friend might. It's always nice to have one, especially if you sleep over someone else's house or room so you can pull your hair up the next morning. The other good thing about hair ties is they just go on your wrist and you don' need a bag for them. 

I like to have at least one chapstick with me because a lot of times the parties are hot and dry. My lips get really dry, especially if I chew gum. I am always chewing gum so I always need chapstick. If you are wearing jeans you can just throw it in your back pocket and call it a day. It's another thing you don't need a bag for. 

I always start the night out with a piece of gum. I then bring 1-4 pieces with me in my pocket to have throughout the night or for the next morning. It's nice to have and I know a lot of people ask for gum. I don't bring the pack just a few pieces. The only problem with that is they can melt if it is hot. I would watch. 

Bobby Pins
This is a new one for me because before this weekend I didn't have short hair that I need to keep back with bobby pins. Now I have bangs because I had my roommate cut my hair and learned the hard way that bobby pins are a good idea. You can either pin them to your shirt or put them in your pocket. It works our great.

These next few things are stuff you should either have at the place you will be spending the night or in a bag you bring with you.

Water Bottles
My friends always drink a lot of water, especially after we go out. I on the other hand refuse to drink water for some reason. I know I should and that is why I bring water with me. They really come in handy.

Everyone wears something nice out but when you sleep it is so much more comfortable to wear a t-shirt. Bring one with you and throw it in your bag or leave it with someone at the place you are sleeping.

Those are really all of the things I make sure I have with me on the weekends when I go out. They have been used every time so its not like you are dragging them around for no reasons.

What do you need to bring with you when you go out? Anything special? 


Thursday, October 3, 2013

College Tip #2

This next little tip is something  my friends and I just started. Every Friday we go out to eat. It's nice to have dinner off campus and to just spend time with my friends.

It really helps bring you and your brings together. You get to bond and it is so nice to get out. It makes the week end on a nice note. 

You don't have to go out to eat but maybe set something up that you do every week with your friends. Go out to the mall, or a place like the park. It's nice and it doesn't have to be on Fridays. 


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Best Foods for College!

In college there is no one there to cook for you. You either have to go to your school's cafe, eat out, or make the food yourself. Cooking in a dorm is really hard, especially if you don't have a kitchen. For me I only have a microwave and a mini fridge. Overtime I have found there are some really good food that is really to make in a dorm.

One of my favorite things is these Idahoan Mash Potatoes. They are so good! I have never had something that tasted and smelled so delicious. To make everything better they are so easy to make! I recommend that everyone go buy these. My favorite are the four cheese.

A common staple in college dorms is mac and cheese. One of the most popular kinds is Kraft. I've never been a fan of Kraft microwavable mac and cheese so I went and found a different kind of microwavable mac and cheese. I have to say I love this stuff! I eat it all the time! The difference between Kraft and Velveeta is Velveeta's cheese is a liquid and not a powder. I much prefer the broccoli over the shells for some reason. You don't have to put the broccoli in the mac and cheese if you don't want to which is really good. 

I love pasta but in college I wasn't going to be able to boil water to make it. Well, they have these really good pasta dishes that are microwavable. The best part is they take 60 seconds! I really recommend getting these in all of the different kinds. The sauce and the pasta are both in the container so you don't need to worry about dealing with two things.

As for snacks and other random foods I am going to recommend things that I have found in almost every dorm room I have been in or things I have found people like to find in my room.

Popcorn. I never really ate popcorn at home but since being in college I have been eating it more. A lot of the other girls on my floor have been making popcorn. I always smell it. Its also good if you watch movies a lot, which I think you do in college more than ever.
Oreos Everyone loves Oreos! They are an amazing staple to have in your room and it never hurts to have milk too. This is on of the things I find in all of the dorm rooms. You can never go wrong with Oreos!

Candy! Whether its candy bars or little boxes of candy, candy is well loved. It's nice to have a little something to snack on and most people don't think to bring them to college. Everyone gets really excited when they see candy. You will become very popular!

Granola Bars. If you are like me and have 8 am classes and like to sleep, then granola bars will be great for you. They are easy to grab when you are running out the door to a class and easy to eat on the way to class. They are also healthy for you.

All of this food would be great even if you aren't in college, especially the microwavable stuff. They are easy to make a delicious! What are you favorite college foods? Anything I have to try?


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Rose Kind of Day

I know I already post two posts today but I just have to talk about this on here! So as some of you know I went to an all girls catholic high school and our patron saint was St. Therese. Well, today was her feast day. One of the things she did was send roses when you prayed or talked to her. Her symbol is the rose.


Today is the first year I am not celebrating her feast day at my school but that didn't stop me or my class from celebrating! We all wore LF shirts and/or our school sweaters. My roommate and I write a quote on the white board outside our door every day. Today it was about roses.

Everyone was tweeting about the feast day and talking about the roses they saw. When I see a rose I feel happy, content, and like I am home.

I noticed for the first time today that my friend's school bag has roses all over it. You could just sense the mood. It was happy and you could feel us all together. It's honestly an amazing feeling to have and experience. I love my class and my school more than anything. We truly have a bond that is like no other.

If you ever feel down don't be afraid to pray or just talk to St. Therese. She will really help you ad make you feel safe and happy. Always look for roses because that means she is talking to you. She is listening.

I hope you all enjoyed your day!


31 Days: Tip #1 Making Friends!

This is something you should really do! I came to college a really shy girl who never talked to people. Since being here I have talk to everyone I have met even the people I didn't think I would like. You would be surprised who you like. I thought there was going to be people I wouldn't like yet we have become the best of friends. It really will make your whole college experience so much better. 

The friends I have made here are some of my best friends that I can trust with anything. They have made my life so much better. 

If you aren't sure how to start talking to people do some of these things:

1. Go up to them and ask them their name, major, where they're from, what hall they live in, etc. Things that are general.
2. Start talking to the people your friends talk to. You can all have the same friends.
3. If someone is more than one of your classes, mention something like that to them or just talk to them. Chances are they will recognize you.
4. Don't worry about what other people will think of you!

I hope this helps someone! It's probably my biggest tip and has made me the most happy here. 


31 Days of College Tips, Tricks, and Living!

Hello all! I was scrolling down my dashboard today looking at all of the post I follow and saw that a few people were doing this 31 day challenge. I went and looked into and saw that it was really fun! Pretty much what you do is blog about ANYTHING everyday for 31 days. The Nester is hosting it and you can check out everyone else's post as well.

I thought about what I wanted to talk about and decide I am going to talk about tips, tricks, and what it is like living at college! I've been at this college thing for 41 days now and have learned so much! I want to share my knowledge with everyone out there in hopes that it will help one person. Some days it will be a tip while others it could be something I do or did while I have been at college. In the end it will be all about college.

I'll have links to all of my posts here as well as under the label, 31 days of college. I hope you all stay tune!

Day one coming shortly!

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