Friday, August 30, 2013

Random Fact Friday #3

It's Random Fact Friday again! I love these so much. They are so fun to make but so hard to come up with facts!


Friday, August 23, 2013

Random Fact Friday #2

I have another random fact for you. I love making these pictures so for the next three weeks I have already scheduled the Random Fact Fridays!


Saturday, August 17, 2013

August Wish List

I got this idea from Alex at Second Chance. I thought it was a great idea so I am going to do my own wish list.

  1. A wooden monogramed wall decal. I found this on on etsy. I would love to have one to hang in my room. They are just so pretty!
  2. I would love a pair of Jack Rogers sandals! I've heard they are very comfortable and they are so cute! I picked that color because it's such a pretty color but any color would do. 
  3. Vera Bradley duffel bag. I really need a new duffel bag and Vera Bradley has really cute ones. Maybe I will have on by next summer. 
  4. I am in love with Ray Ban sunglasses! I ad my eyes on the wayfarer ones but now I would love a pair of Aviators. 

What is on your wish list? Anything similar to me? Write a blog post and link it below!


Friday, August 16, 2013

Random Fact Friday

I decided I wanted to do something new on Fridays. Every Friday I want to give you one random fact about myself. I'll start today.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

HUGE Clothing Haul (Haul #1)

On July 7, I went shopping with my mom and younger sister Shannon. Our goal was to get as much clothes as I could. I was in need of shorts because I only had two good pairs. I also needed clothes for college. For the last 4 years (12 years really),  I have worn a uniform to school so I didn't have a lot of clothes to wear to class.

We ended up going to American Eagle, Aeropostale, Pink, and Bath and Body Works.

The haul all together. 

Two pairs of jeans from American Eagle. One pair is like jeggings and stretchy, and the other is normal. 

Four Camis from Aeropostale

Purple Ombre jeans from American Eagle. They have zippers on the sides at the bottom. 

Two Boyfriend style tank tops from American Eagle

Two v-neck t-shirts from Aeropostale 

A tank top with tribal style design from American Eagle 

A t-shirt from American Eagle. The purple circle is fuzzy. 

A Pink Tank top with lacy from Aeropostale 

Shorts. The first three are from American Eagle and the last three are from Aeropostale 

Yoga pants. The first three are from Pink and the last is from American Eagle. The first pair is boot cut. The second is legging style and the last two are crop style. 

V necks from American Eagle

A shirt from American Eagle

A botton up tank top style shirt from Aeropostale 

Bod Wash and Hand Sanitizer from Bath and Body Works. They were having a huge sale!

I am very lucky to have such giving parents. My mom and dad brought all of this for me and I couldn't be more thankful. I'm pretty surprise that I found all of that clothes and they all fit right! 


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First Midweek Randoms

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

I have seen Midweek Randoms a few times before and each time I have always thought it was a good idea. I finally decided to do it this week!

  • I'm 95% done college shopping. I should be 100% done in the next couple of days. 
Our toes. MIne are the purple ones

Baseball in the back driveway
My orange and vanilla swirl ice cream with root beer water ice

  • Yesterday I spent the day with my 3 cousins and it couldn't have made me more happy. My sister Shannon, cousins Meghan and Ella, and I went and got pedicures. Then we came home had a big spaghetti dinner with my brother and cousin Sean. We finished the night off with a baseball game, home run derby, and ice cream. 
  • This weekend will be my last weekend before I go to college. I can't believe summer is over. 

  • I go to college in one week!!
  • My neighbor stopped my last night to ask if I needed anything else for my dorm. She was so sweet! I watched her three kids for her a few times and I always talk to her when I see her. 
  • I'm cleaning my room and hanging some pictures. I want my room to be perfect before I leave for college. 
  • Just this week I have gotten text from a few girls I want to school with. It really made me see that I made great friends in my last year of high school. 
  • My style has taken a little turn. I have found that I am in love with everything preppy and southern. 

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